Paid Surveys

Almost everyone has heard of making money by doing surveys. but it is hard to find good legitimate survey websites that really will pay you to fill out surveys. Here are the sites that I have found to be reliable. All of them have paid me at least once, and I have cashed out from most of them several times. These websites send you (by email) real surveys about topics such as shopping, technology, cars, and jobs. They are not GPT sites that pretend to have surveys, which really turn out to be “offers.” When you do surveys, you will find that after you answer the first few questions, you might not qualify for the whole survey, but these are the sites that send me the most surveys that I do qualify for. And most of them will at least give you a small reward for attempting the survey, even if you don’t qualify for the whole thing.

 Clear Voice Surveys: This is my favorite survey site. I have cashed out several times for Amazon e-certificates, which they send almost instantly. They also have other payment options. Minimum cashout is only $10.00, which is low for survey sites. And because they pay you a small amount even when you do not qualify for the entire survey, the money adds up quickly. I usually can cash out at least every other month, sometimes every month.

Epoll sends great easy-to-answer surveys, often about movies and celebrities. They offer great rewards for very easy work. This is another site where you get paid with points which can be redeemed for a variety of items.

Tellwut is a fun survey site, that offers quick surveys, often only 1 question, for 5-20 points a survey. There are a lot of surveys on the site, about all sorts of topics, and you can also get rewarded by submitting your own surveys. The cashout minimum is 4,000 points, good for a $10.00 Amazon card or many other rewards, and points add up quickly.

Inno Poll: This is quickly becoming my new favorite survey site. They pay instantly when you complete a survey, with Amazon codes or Paypal. Even if you don’t qualify for the survey, you still get 1 credit for attempting the survey, and after 3 credits, you get $2.00 instantly. Signup is extremely easy: you don’t need a password, only your email address, and the first survey is guaranteed to qualify. You can complete surveys either on your computer, or a smartphone.