Smartphones are more common than computers now, so it’s no surprise that there are many ways to earn money using smartphone apps. Here are a few of my favorites.

Ibotta is easily my favorite earning app. Basically, it is a grocery shopping rebate app. They offer rebates for many brand name grocery and non-grocery items, from most common grocery stores, as well as stores like Walmart. You can even stack coupons with the rebates, for even better deals. (I like for matching up coupons with rebate apps to find the best deals.) So far, I’ve gotten back over $800 from my grocery shopping! They also offer a $10 bonus to new members after redeeming your first rebate! If you buy something that costs, say, $2.00, with a $1 rebate, that ends up being $9.00 in free money to your account! Just enter referral code totxvdi if they ask for it.

Checkout51 is another great grocery rebate app. They have a lot of great offers, sometimes overlapping with Ibotta so that you can get twice the money back. In fact, some weeks I earn more on this app than on Ibotta. An added advantage is that most of the offers can be bought at any store, instead of particular stores like Ibotta rebates. If you are a couponer, just be sure to read the fine print, as not all of Checkout 51’s offers can be combined with coupons.

Mobisave has limited offers, but they have the advantage of paying instantly to your Paypal account. They also have some unique offers for free items when you find specially marked items with codes on them at the store. You can often stack their rebates with rebates from other apps. Please add referral code RITRJKMA if they ask for it.

Receipt Pal and Receipt Hog are two apps that pay points for uploading any grocery receipts. In fact, Receipt Pal accepts receipts from any store, as long as the name of the store, the date, and the items are clearly marked. The points can be redeemed for gift cards or Paypal.

Fetch is a new grocery rebate app, that offers cash back for buying specific grocery brands, and also bonus points for taking advantage of special offers and buying certain items. Please enter referral code R3DGF for a bonus after your first credited receipt submission.

Applike: I’ve finally found an app that really DOES pay me for playing games on my phone! There are a lot of apps that make that claim, but most of them really pay you just for downloading the game, and not for actually playing the games. But Applike actually pays a varying amount of points for every so many minutes of play (it varies with each app you download). Unfortunately, they have recently decreased the amount of points that you earn, so it does take a long time to reach the cashout minimum, but if you like to play games on your phone, you might as well be earning a little something from doing it! I’ve even found a few moneymaking apps like Quick Thoughts and Lucktastic, so I can double dip and earn money both from Applike and from those other apps. One warning: The games can become very addictive, I can hardly stay off my phone now!