Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips and Tricks

1. Join the forums of the sites you join. I know I mentioned this before, but I can’t stress it enough. I learned a lot by reading the suggestions of the experienced members who post helpful information on the forums. They usually love helping and encouraging the new members, and the administrators of the site can answer any questions about the features of their particular site.

2. Always clear your cookies before and after each offer you complete. This helps to get the offers credited, and can greatly increase your crediting rate. CCleaner is a good program to use, or you can use the cookie-clearing feature of your web browser.

3. For freebies and email signup offers, get several new email addresses from Google (gmail). If you use different email addresses for each offer, you have a much greater chance that the offers will credit. Also you will get a lot of spam (it’s legal because you are “opting-in” to be on the advertisers’ mailing lists when you submit you email address) and you don’t want that going to your main address. You can use your main address to join the GPT sites, although you might want to dedicate a special email address just for this so you can keep track of all the sites you join and you won’t miss important emails from them.

4. If you use a hotmail address to sign up for the GPT sites, you can automatically sort the emails from each site into separate folders. This is very handy for sites that send you paid emails to read, so they are all together in one place for viewing. Gmail has a label feature which is similar.

5.Only do a couple of offers at one time. If you do too many offers at once, especially with freebies, none of them will credit.

6. A certain number of offers will not credit no matter what you do.This is the norm for GPT sites, and depends on the affiliates that each site uses. If they are freebies, there’s nothing you can do.For trials, etc., you can generally submit your confirmation email to the site administrators usually after 30 days, so they can credit you manually.

7. Be sure to read and follow the completion requirements for each offer. Too many people do an offer, but they do it incorrectly and then are disappointed when it doesn’t get credited.

8. For freebies and “surveys” make sure you fill in all your information correctly. Using fake info is considered fraud and will get your account suspended. Continue through all the pages of “Yes/ No” responses, until you get to a page that says something like: “Thank you. This reward is reserved for…” Keep the page open for about 30 seconds, then close it and clear cookies. It might also help to click on one of the silver or gold offers on the Thank you page, although it is not necessary to actually do the offer.

9. Many people use Roboform to fill out forms and surveys quicker. I use Auto-fill on the free Google toolbar. However, Google Auto-fill does not fill in the Yes/ No boxes like Roboform does.

10. Check out this site GPT Boycott for a list of scam GPTand PTC sites that should be avoided, as well as sites that are on the watched list.