Beginner’s Guide

One of the latest online money-making crazes is GPT/PTC. GPT means “Get Paid To” and refers to sites where you do offers, fill out surveys, etc, for cash, points, and/ or other rewards. PTC, or “Paid To Click”, are those sites that pay you to click on ads, usually for 30- 90 seconds. Many GPT sites offer PTC’s also.

There are thousands of GPT and PTC sites; and while many are legit, quite a few are scams. I have provided links to a few sites that I have personally been successful with. The best thing to do is join a few sites, and see what other sites the members of these sites recommend (check the forums of the sites you join). You can also visit this website: gptboycott for a list of scam websites.

GPT sites are a very simple way to get some extra cash. They are (if they’re not scams) free to join, and you don’t even need a credit card to do most of the offers and surveys. Each site is a little different, usually offering some special ways to earn bonuses or win free gifts. Many also offer cash-back for shopping online through their website.

What are offers? Generally, they require submitting your email address and/or mailing address to request information about or trials of various products and services. In fact, besides getting paid, you can get a lot of free products also! Many freebie offers are from advertisers like brandarama, that say “win a free laptop” or something similar. They require participation to get the free gift, but not to get paid by the GPT site. These offers generate a lot of spam email, so it is a good idea to get a few new email addresses (free from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) to use for submitting, so your main email is safe.

Although you don’t need a credit card, the higher paying offers usually are free trials which require a debit or credit card. This is a good way to make money fast, but you should only do the ones that you are really interested in, and keep track of when the free trials expire, so if you have to cancel them, you won’t be charged.

PTC sites are also very simple. I try to avoid the ones that only pay a fraction of a cent for each click, as you need to click on thousands of ads and get a lot of referrals to make any money. The good ones pay at least 1 cent per click, sometimes even more. Many GPT sites also offer paid clicks, and they tend to pay more than just the PTC sites.

Paid to Read Emails is a feature of some GPT sites. They send you 1 or more emails a day, and you get paid usually from 1-3 cents per email that is viewed. Sometimes you have to keep the page open for 30 seconds, but many sites you just have to click on the link and open the page.

Not all site pay with cash. Sometimes you get points that can either be redeemed for cash, or turned in for gift cards or other rewards. This is still a good way to get rewarded, and can be a great way to get gifts to give away for various occasions.
The best way to get good at GPT and PTC sites is to try them out for yourself. Be sure to join the forums of those sites, because there is always a lot of helpful information for newcomers. Each site is a little different, and you’ll probably find that you like some more than others. Try to join only a few sites at first, so you can get used to them without getting overwhelmed.

When doing offers, only do one or two at a time, and be sure to clear your cookies between each one. This is especially important with the freebie offers.

Don’t get discouraged if not all offers credit. This is normal for GPT sites, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Please check out my Helpful Hints for more tips for using GPT/ PTC sites. I wish you every success in you new online moneymaking venture!