I LOVE Ibotta!

Here’s why Ibotta is my favorite app. This is my latest haul from Walmart- Ibotta paid me $17 to take all this home! (all prices before tax). https://ibotta.com/r/totxvdi

Happy Kids Bars- $3.94
-$1 printable coupon
-Ibotta $3.94 = $1.00 MM

ImmunityAid- $2.48
-Ibotta $2.48 = FREE

FocusAid- $2.48
-Ibotta $2.48 = FREE

FitAid- $2.48
-Ibotta $2.48 = FREE

Bic Flex 5 Razor- $5.44
-$3 printable coupon
-Ibotta $4 = $1.56 MM

Betadine Cream- $4.97
-$2 printable coupon
-$3 Ibotta = FREE

Scotties Tissues- $.98
-Ibotta $.50 = $.48

RX Nut Butter- $1.24
-Ibotta $.60 = $.64

Bob’s Better Bar- $1.74
-Ibotta $1 = $.74

Biena Chickpea Snack- $3.12
-Ibotta $2 = $1.12

Tax was $.94, so my OOP was $23.96 From Ibotta I got back $22.48 in rebates, plus $.50 Level 1 bonus, $3 Red Apple Bonus, $5 Weekend Warrior Bonus, and $10 Pumpkin Spice bonus for a grand total of $40.98!

Ibotta– $40.98
OOP- $23.96
Total- $17.02 MM!

Three Years With Ibotta!

A couple weeks ago I reached my 3 year Ibotta anniversary! Ibotta is my favorite grocery rebate app, and I’ve gotten over $1300 back from grocery rebates in my 3 years there. That doesn’t include all the freebies- often you can stack coupons with the rebates to get items for free, or even make a few cents (or dollars, rarely) extra! And don’t forget about the bonuses! While it doesn’t make sense to buy things you don’t need just for a bonus (except freebies of course), they have so many offers that it’s usually not that difficult to get some of the smaller bonuses just by buying what you’d normally buy anyway. Recently, they’ve been offering one or several “free after offer” deals, where they reimburse you the price of the product, even without any coupons. (There are 3 this week!) The range of offers and eligible stores is enormous, and I’ve been able to try out so many new products for free, or at very low cost. New offers usually come out on Wednesday mornings.
Ibotta also offers cashback for online purchases, from a variety of different stores like Ebay, Jet and many more.
Right now, Ibotta is offering a $10 Welcome bonus to new members. Just use referral code totxvdi (Be sure to follow the requirements, usually involving confirmation of your account, and redeeming one or more offers.)

I’m Getting Free Stuff on Amazon!

If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, you’ve probably noticed reviews with the statement that the reviewer received the product for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I’ve finally found out how they get these items!
There’s a site called Elite Deal Club, that offers daily deals on Amazon products for free or highly discounted prices, in exchange for an honest review. Their free items are actually very limited, but they have a ton of stuff for a buck or two, which is still an amazing deal. (The site is invitation only, but you can join using this link: elitedealclub.com/?invcode=77RUMF2c, or enter my email: cashanddeals (at) gmail.com when it asks for an inviter’s email.)
There is one catch with using this site. They have a limited number of coupon codes for each item, so you have to act fast to get the things you want. Usually the best items sell out within the first few seconds after the deals go live. But I’ve still managed to get quite a few good things. New Deals come online daily at 10 am and 2 pm, and occasionally at 8 pm. Don’t get discouraged if you miss some deals. They usually come back the next day for several days.
The picture above shows some of the items I’ve ordered. So far, I’ve gotten 22 items with a total worth of $284, and spent only $29.00, and gotten $18 back in digital credits from Amazon, for choosing slower shipping.
You do need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of these deals. It’s not required by Elite Deal Club, but the deals won’t be so good if you have to pay shipping. I get an added bonus with my Prime membership, because I opt for slower shipping instead of Two-Day delivery, and get digital mp3 credits, that I can use to get music or ebooks from Amazon. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can get a free 30-day trial here. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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New Favorite Survey site!

Innopoll.com has quickly become my new favorite survey site. They pay instantly, either to Paypal or Amazon gift codes. They are also mobile optimized, so the surveys are very easy to do on a smartphone as well as a computer. The first survey you are guaranteed to qualify for. Even if you don’t qualify for a particular survey, you get 1 credit for each attempt, and after 3 credits, you get an instant $2.00. You sure can’t beat that!

It’s Easy!

I recently got my second reward from Bing Rewards, for doing almost nothing! I just set Bing as my homepage, and when I need to look something up on the internet, I just use their search engine! I get great search results, and the $5.00 Amazon cards sure sweeten the deal! Of course, they have other rewards to choose from as well. Just one more really easy way to make some free money without even half trying !



bing rewards

Where’s the payment proof?

I know most sites have a page with pictures of checks, for proof that the sites they offer really pay. I didn’t include that, because I didn’t want to clutter up the site too much. However, I should offer some proof, so here is a screenshot of a recent payment I got from Fusion Cash (my tenth cashout, to be exact):

Not bad for a few minutes “work” per day!